Internationale Voornamen

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Internationale Voornamen
Baby Names World
Search over 27,000 baby names, meanings and origins! we have boy names, girl names, top names by year, naming forums and more to find the perfect baby names!

Name st usa - over 50,000 names

Baby Names - Girls
Baby Names - Girls

Baby Names - Boys
Baby Names - Boys

Baby feest
Zelf een baby feest organiseren? Doe het online! Helemaal gratis.

Baby Name Chooser
Prénoms français et internationaux, origine et sens des prénoms. listes, statistiques, prénoms en vogue, prénoms bibliques, prénoms royaux, stars, classiques et composés.

Babycenter's baby name finder helps you research baby names, baby name meanings and popular baby names including the top 100 baby names and historical trends for top baby names.


Celebrity Baby Names
Celebrity Baby Names

Top Babynames
Top babynamen in europa en unieke baby namen. babynamen, voornamen en kindernamen. alle top babynamen in europa, unieke en aparte babynamen

Choosing baby names can be the most fun part of expecting a child. learn all about baby naming trends and meanings for popular and uncommon baby names.

Babynames Guide
Baby names finder, create a new name, or view names in our database of 1000s of baby names, with popular and ethnic names.

Boy names, girl names, and unique baby names. search baby names, meanings and origins. top most popular baby names
Mental, visual and aural meanderings, collections and explorations... wordgirl's little ego-zone. includes original design, photography & poetry, a collection of unusual and multi-cultural names, samples of some great music, and info about wordgirl

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